Custodial Evaluations, Psychological Evaluations, Counseling and Treatments
For Attorneys Only

For Attorneys Only

You decide what mental health professionals would provide the best evaluations and testimony for your firm's cases. We would like to help you and your firm in achieving positive results for your clients.

Feinberg and Associates has been an established psychology group in Lexington, Kentucky for over twenty years. We have performed hundreds of evaluations to assist Kentucky attorneys and their clients. Whether your area of specialty is family law, civil law, or criminal law we can provide you with invaluable assistance on your toughest cases. Our areas of expertise that may be helpful in your criminal law practice include:

  • Psychological Evaluations for Criminal Litigation Including:
  1. Assessment of Competency Regarding Mental Impairment
  2. Trial, and Criminal Responsibility
  3. Assessment of Mitigating Circumstances
  4. Recommendations for Treatment
  5. Alternative Sentencing Options
  6. Expert Testimony
  • Consultation with Attorneys Regarding Trial Strategy
  • Providing Expert Testimony Regarding our Evaluations
  • Assisting Attorneys with Managing Challenging Clients
  • Critiquing Mental Health Evaluations and Testimony by other Expert Witnesses
  • Coaching Attorneys for Professional Development

We also provide numerous services for individuals which may benefit a variety of your clients. These treatment services include:

  • Individual Treatment
  • Reducing Witness and Client Anxiety
  • Anger Management
We would be happy to provide you with a complimentary phone consultation or provide you with additional information regarding our services. Please contact Amy Rouse at (859) 233-3390. We look forward to working with you in the future.
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