Parental Coordination , Co-Parenting Techniques, Time-sharing, Custody Issues
Parental Coordination Services

Parental Coordination Services

This program is designed to enable you and the other parent of your child to work cooperatively in your co-parenting efforts.

All parents love their children and want a good life for them but sometimes it is difficult to provide a healthy environment for them. When a child's parents are in open conflict with each other it is not healthy. Research tells us that the number one predictor of children's well-being after a divorce is their parents' ability to refrain from conflict and to support the children I having a good relationship and regular contact with both parents. It is absolutely crucial for children's well-being that their best interest take precedence over any anger the parents have for one another.

The goal of parent coordination is to reduce parents' reliance on the Court to solve their problems and return the responsibility of parenting to the parents.

Parenting Coordination will address issues such as:

  • Altering schedules as the children's needs change
  • Drop-off places and time
  • Children playing one parent against the other
  • Trading time-sharing days
  • Children's changing activities

The parent coordinator may also:

  • Educate parents in co-parenting techniques
  • Accelerate parents' emotional disengagement from one another
  • Offer advice, suggestions, and recommendations
  • Tie-breaking the parents' disputes
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